By Lyman Grant

Below are works that I have written, edited, or contributed to and links to where they are available for purchase.  

As Long as We Need. 2011.  Poems from 1994-2009.  Published by Black Buzzard Press, Austin, Texas.  There may still be a few floating around in Book People, Resistencia Books, or Book Woman in Austin.  I still have a few, but they are in storage and I am on the road.

Established Parameters. 2010.  A chapbook of 12 poems by Lyman Grant and 12 paintings by Shawn Camp, published by Gallery Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas, as part of Art Week Austin, sponsored by Austin Art Alliance.  Shawn Camp Web Site.  $14.95, out of print.

Stricken: The 5,000 Stages of Grief.  2009.   Essays on grief, edited by the amazing Spike Gillespie and Katherine Tanney.  I have an essay in it:  "The Stuff of Dreams."  Published by Deltina Hay and her Dalton Publishing Company.  $14.95.    Available at Amazon.

The Road Home.  2007.  Poems from 1994-1997.  Foreword by Larry D. Thomas. $12.95.  Published by Dalton Publishing Company.  Available at Amazon, in print and on Kindle.

 Short Fiction:  Classic and Contemporary   2006.  This is the 6th edition.  I edited the 5th also, 2001.  If I can say so, I transformed the book into a fairly solid look at narrative in short fiction, including chapters on critical literary methods and film adaptations.  Used in classrooms across the US and Canada.  Prentice Hall.  Available at Amazon.

CommonSense:  A Handbook and Guide for Writers.  1999.  Written with Lennis Polnac and Tom Cameron.  Originally published by Prentice Hall, now published by McGraw Hill.  Lennis keeps this one going with helpful revisions.  $19.95.   Available from Amazon. 

Feeding the Crow1998.  An anthology of Austin poets.  I have thirty poems in the book under the title "Waiting for Mercy," which respond to the pregnacy to my then girlfriend and current wife.   Volume edited by the powerful Susan Bright, who worked with this very talented group of poets.   Plain View Press.  $14.95. 

Text and Commentary:  My First Nine Lives. 1994.  My first volume of poems.  Poems from 1968-1993.  Published by Mandala Publishing, which was the company that published MAN! magazine.  $14.95.  Out of Print.

The Best Man:  Selections from the First Three Years of MAN! Magazine.  1992.  $14.95.  Edited by Sharon Adams.  John Lee, Sharon, and I began MAN! as a newsletter for the Austin Men's Center.  The newsletter grew into a 64-page color cover newsstand magazine.  We won an award from the American Library Association as one of the best new magazines the year we appeared.   Lots of good stuff in here.  Includes my interview with Asa Baber and my memior on William A. Owens.  Published by Mandala Publishing.  Available from Lyman Grant

 Through the Fire:  Personal Recovery Stories.  1992.  Edited by Mary LeLoo.  A nice collection of memior from some pretty brave people tackling their personal demons.  Includes my essay with poetry, "Recovering from a Good Mother."  Published by The Crossing Press.  Randomly available in the used book market.  Try ABEbooks.

New Growth:  Contemporary Short Stories by Texas Writers.  1989.  I edited this book.  Includes 23 short stories by Texas writers.  I wrote an introduction that tried to establish that the defining elements of what we call "Texas" were passing, being subsumed by mass culture.  Published by David Bowen, and Corona Publishing.  David was a great guy.  A few volumes show up in the used book market.

The Letters of Roy Bedichek.  1985.  Edited by William A. Owens.   In his day, Roy Bedichek was called the most civilized man in Texas.  I was honored when Bill Owens asked me to help him edit his friend and teacher's letters.  Published by the University of Texas Press.  Available there and at Amazon.