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America has always loved its beer.  The Pilgrims produced it.  Our founding fathers brewed it.  With Americans originating from so many countries, American brewing practices have always been rich and varied.  That is, until prohibition and the monopolistic laws that remained following prohibition's repeal. Today, the United States is experiencing a great revival of brewing methods and styles.  In addition, many brewers are exercising great imagination and creating new taste experiences.  As we travel the nation, we are sampling only a few of these new creations of the brewer's art and craft.  The following list is more or less a chronological tasting diary.of the Caravan of Wonder's Beer Tour.

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For legend, see end of post. 

Saddlebock Brewery.  (Fayetteville, Arksansas).  In Pub.
Arkansas Farmhouse. 4 Dudes. 
Dirty Blonde.  ABV 5%.  3 Walters. 

Boulevard Brewing.  (Kansas City, Missouri).  Bottle.
            Pale Ale.  ABV 5.0%.  IBU 30. 3 Donnies.

Schafly Brewing Company. (St. Louis Missouri). In Pub.
Pumpkin Ale.  ABV 8.0%.  IBU 16.  4.5 Dudes. 
Oatmeal Stout.  ABV 5.7%.  IBU 40. 4 Dudes.

Obed and Isaac’s Microbrewery. (Springfield, Illinois).  Flight.
Ditzy Blonde.  ABV 4.6%.   3 Donnies.
Mother Road. APA  5.6%.   3 Walters.
Belgian Style. IPA  7.4%.  3.5 Walters. 
Upside Brown Ale. 5.5%.   3 Dudes.
Bloomington Brewing Company.  (Bloomington, Indiana).  Draft.
Ruby Bloom Amber.  ABV 6.0%.  IBU  11.  3 Donnies

Figure Eight Brewing. (Valparaiso, Indiana).   Bottle.
Offwidth Double Pale Ale.  ABV 8.8%.  IBU 100.
3 Special Lady Friends.

Three Floyds Brewing. (Munster, Indiana). Bottle.
Apocalypse Cow.  ABV 11%.  IBU  100.  4 Bunnies.

The Portsmouth Brewing Company. (Portsmouth, Ohio).  Flight.
Crystal Gold Light Lager.  1 Nihilist.
Crystal Gold Lager2 Nihilists.
Portsmouth Pilsner3 Donnies.
Red Bird Ale. 3 Walters.
Peerless Pale Ale.  3 Walters.
Raven Rock Dopplebock.  3 Special Lady Friends.  

Great Lakes Brewery. (Cleveland, OH).  Bottle.
Edmund Fitzgerald.  Porter.  ABV 5.8%.  IBU  37. 
3.5 Dudes.

Alexander Keith’s. (Torondo, Ontario, Canada).  Draft.
Red Amber Ale. ABV 5%.     3 Donnies. 

Ommegang Brewing. (Cooperstown, New York).  In Pub.
Hennepin Farmhouse Saison:  ABV 7.7%.  IBU 24.5 Dudes.
Abbey Ale.   Dubbel Ale.  ABV 8.2%.  IBU 20.    
5 Special Lady Friends/4.5 Dudes.

Cooperstown Brewing Company. (Milford, New York).  Bottle.
Old Slugger.  American Pale Ale.  ABV 5.5%.   3 Donnies.

Cape Ann Brewing Company.  (Gloucester, Massachusetts.)  Draft.
Fisherman’s Brew, American Amber Lager. ABV. 5.5%  IBU  30.  
3 Dudes.

The Tap Brewing Company.  (Havermill, Massachusetts). Bottle.
Field Guide.  Farmhouse Ale.  ABV  6.8%. 3 Donnies

Narragansett, Private Stock.  (Brewed and bottled by Buzzards Bay
Brewing, Westport, MA, for Narragansett Brewing Co, Providence, RI). 
Imperial Black Steam.  ABV 9%.   4 Walters.

Shipyard Brewing. (Portland, Maine.) Draft.
Pumpkinhead Ale.    2 Bunnies

Bar Harbor Brewing. (Bar Harbor, Maine). Flight.  
True Blue.  Blueberry Wheat Ale. ABV 5.2%.  1 Donnie.
Lighthouse Ale.  2 Donnies. 
Thunder Hole Ale. An English Brown Ale Style.  ABV 4.8%. 
4 Walters.
Cadillac Mountain Stout.  Irish Dry Stout ABV 6.8%.    4 Dudes.

Atlantic Brewing Company.  (Bar Harbor, Maine).  Flight.
Scottish Ale.  ABV 7.1%  4 Dudes. Bottle.
Mount Desert Island Ginger. ABV 5.7%.  2.5 Bunnies.
Blueberry Ale. ABV. 5.1%.  2 Special Lady Friends.
New Guy IPA.  ABV 6.0%.  2 Walters.
Real Ale.  An English Brown Ale Style. ABV 5.2%.  4 Walters.
Coal Porter. ABV 5.6%. 4 Walters.
Ellen’s Coffee Stout.  ABV 5.4%.    2 Special Lady Friends. Draft.

Slumbrew:  Somerville Brewing Company. (Somerville, Massachusetts).  Bottle.
Lobstah Killer.  Imperial Red Ale.  ABV 8.0%.  3 Walters. 

Shipyard Brewing. (Portland, Maine.) Bottle.
            XXXX IPA.  American Double IPA.  ABV 9.25%.   2 Bunnies.

Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company. (Portland, Maine).  In Pub.
Best Bitter Cask Pulled ABV 5.0%. IBU 25.   3.5 Walters.
Black Fly Stout. ABV 4.1%. IBU 16.  4 Dudes

Sebago Brewing.  (Portland, Maine). Flight.
Saddleback  Ale.  A light ale.  ABV. 3.8%. IBU 28.  2 Donnies.
Frye's Leap India Pale Ale.  ABV 6%. IBU 60.  4 Dudes.
Roundabout Red Ale. ABV 4.4%. IBU 32.  2 Walters.
Boathouse Brown. ABV 4.2%. IBU ? 4 Walters.
Lake Trout Stout. ABV 4.7%. IBU 53.  3 Walters.

Seven Barrel Brewery. (West Lebanon, New Hampshire). Flight.
Quechee Cream Ale.  ABV 4.5%. IBU 14.   3 Donnies.  
Champion Reserve IPA. ABV 5.0%.   4 Walters  
Kolsch.    4 Bunnies.  
RIP Oatmeal Stout. ABV 4.8%.  2 Walters.
Tony's Wicked Dark.  Conan the Destroyer Series   ABV 6.5%. 
3 Special Lady Friends.
New Dublin  Brown. ABV 4.5% IBU 20. 4 Dudes.  

Penobscot Bay Brewery. (Winterport, Maine).  Bottle.
Old Factory Whistle.  Scottish Red Ale.  ABV 6.2%. 3 Dudes.
Half Moon Stout.  ABV 5.5%.  Forgot to rate.

LongTrail Brewing. (Bridgewater Corners, Vermont).  Flight.
Blackbeary Wheat.  ABV 4.0%.  IBU 12.   3 Donnies.
Harvest  Ale.  Fall Seasonal Brown Ale. ABV 4.4%.  IBU 15.
4 Walters.  
Long Trail Ale. German-style Altbier.  ABV 5.0%.    IBU 28. 
3 Walters.  
Double Bag.  Strong Ale.  ABV 7.2%.  IBU 39.  4 Dudes.  
Traditional IPA. English-style IPA.   ABV 6.0%.   IBU 48.   3 Dudes.
Farmhouse White IPA. ABV 6.2%.  4 Special Lady Friends.  
Black Rye IPA.  Brown Bag Series.   ABV 6.0%. 4 Bunnies.
Pumpkin Ale.  ABV 5.5%.  4.5 dudes.  (Or maybe I was a little drunk.)

Cambridge Brewing Company. (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Draft.
Great Pumpkin.  ABV 4.4 %.   2 Special Lady Friends

Salem Beer Works. (Salem, Massachusetts). Flight.
Kenmore Kolsch.   ABV 5%. 3. 5 Dudes.
Ripa . A Imperial Ale conditioned w/ rosemary  ABV 7.5%. 
2.5 Special Lady Friends.  
Black Bat Stout. ABV 5%.  Oatmeal Stout. 3 Walters.
Hooligan Black Ale.  ABV 6.5%.  American Black IPA.  4.5 Dudes.  

Cape Ann Brewing. (Gloucester, Massachusetts.) Bottle.
Fisherman's Imperial Pumpkin Stout.  ABV 11.0%  IBU 43.  
5 Dudes.

Mayflower Brewing. (Plymouth, Massachusetts). Bottle.
Pale Ale. ABV 5.1%  IBU 26. 3 Walters.
Golden Ale.  ABV 4.5%.  IBU 15.      4 Walters.
India Pale Ale.  ABV 6.1%.  IBU 77.  3 Walters.
Porter.  ABV 5.2%.  IBU 34.  4.5 Dudes

Coddington Brewing Company. (Middleton, Rhode Island.)  In Pub
Chocolate Porter.    ABV 5.7%.  4 Dudes.
Octoberfest.    3 Walters
Cottrell Brewing Company. (Pawcatuck, Connecticutt.)  Draft.
            Mystic Bridge IPA.  AVB 6.0%.  3 Walters.

Coastal Extreme Brewing. (Newport, Rhode Island.) Draft
Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale.  ABV 5.2%   3.5 Walters.

Peekskill Brewing Company.  (Peekskill, New York.) In Pub.
Drye Stout.  ABV 5.1%.   4.5 Dudes.

 Greenport Harbor Brewing.  (Greenport, Long Island, New York).  Draft.
Black Duck Porter   ABV 4.7%. 4 Dudes.

Blue Mountain Brewing.  (Afton, Virginia.) Draft.
Dark Hollow Stout.  Barrel Aged. ABV 10%.IBU 70.    5 Dudes  

Applachian Brewing Company.  (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.) Flight.
Water Gap.  Wheat Ale.  ABV 4.9%. IBU 15.  3 Donnies.  
Mountain Lager.   ABV 5.3%.  IBU 24.  3 Dudes.
Purist Pale Ale.  ABV 5.5%.  IBU 32 .  3.5 Walters.
Trail Blaze Brown Ale. Tasty nice head.  4 walters
Hoppy Trails.  India Pale Ale.    ABV 6.2%.  IBU 63.  3 Dudes
Grinning Grizzley.  ABV 5.7%.  IBU 18. 4 Dudes.
Susquehana Stout. ABV 5.%.  IBU 18.    1 Bunny.
Jolly Scott Scottish Ale.  ABV 5.9%.  IBU 18.  4.5 Dudes  

SlyFox Brewing.  (Pottstown, Pennsylvania.) Draft.
O'Reilly's Irish Stout.  ABV 3.6%.   IBU 42.  4.5 Dudes.  

Erie Brewing Company.  (Erie, Pennsylvania.)  Draft.
Railbender.  Scottish Style Ale. ABV 6.8%.  IBU 26.   4 Walters.

Market Cross Pub and Brewery.  (Carlisle, Pennsylvania.) In Pub.
Pub Porter.  ABV 5.5%.   4.5 Dudes.
Nut Your Average Brown.  ABV 4.5%.  4 Walters.

City Tavern--Yards Brewing. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).  Flight. 
Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Ale. American Pale Ale. ABV 4.5%.  
4 Dudes.
Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale. ABV 5.0%.  IBU 13.  3 Donnies.
Jefferson’s Tavern Ale..  ABV 8%. IBU 28.    4 Dudes.
General Washington’s Tavern Porter.  ABV 7.0%.  IBU 34.  4 Walters.

DuClawBrewing Company.  (Baltimore, Maryland.) Bottle.
            Sweet Baby Jesus.  ABV 6.5%. IBU 63.  5 Dudes.

Mountain State Brewing.  (Thomas, West Virginia).  Draft. 
            Miner’s Daughter Oatmeal Stout.  ABV 5.3%.  3.5 Walters.  

Blue Mountain Brewery.  (Afton, Virginia).  Flight.
Note:  This flight was quite numerous.  I will list a few.
Kolsch 151. ABV 5.0%.  IBU 18.  4 Dudes
Machayden's Wee Heavy Scotch Ale.  ABV 7.7%.  4 Walters.
Blitzen.  ABV 7.0%.  3.5 Special Lady Friends.
Lights Out.  ABV 7.0%. IBU 30.  3.5 Dudes
Foreign Stout. ABV ?.  2 Bunnies.  
Full Nelson.  ABV 5.9%.  IBU 60.  3 Bunnies.

Three Brothers Brewing.  (Harrisburg, Virginia.)  Draft.
Hoptimazation IPA.  ABV 7.1%.  IBU 70.  2 Bunnies.

Legend Brewery. (Richmond, Virginia).  Bottle.
Chocolate Porter.  ABV. 5.9%.  4 Special Lady Friends.

Carolina Brewing.  (Chapel Hill, North Carolina.)  In Pub.
Oatmeal Porter.  ABV 5.9%.  IBU 36.  4 Dudes.  
Octoberfest.  ABV 5.0%.  IBU 27.    3.5 Walters.  
Santa's Secret.  ABV 5.9%.  IBU 22.  3.5 Special Lady Friend.

Woodruff Brewing Company.  (Knoxville, Tennessee.) Flight.
No Ratings because I have temporarily lost my notes from evening.
            Downtown Blonde
Alt.  ABV 6.0%.
White Mule Pale Ale.
            Woodruff IPA
            Downtown Nut Brown Ale
            New World Porter
State Street Stout. ABV 5.4%.

Breckenridge Brewing. (Breckenridge, Colorado.)  Draft.
Vanilla Porter.  Abv 4.7%.  IBU 16.  4 Walters.

Southampton Publik House.  (Southampton, New York).  Draft.
Double White Ale.  ABV 6.6%    4 Dudes.

De Brabandere.  (Belgium).  Draft.
Petrus Winter Ale.  ABV 9.0%.  4.5 Dudes.

Allagash Brewing.  (Portland, Maine.)  Bottle.
            Black Belgian Style Stout.  ABV 7.5%.  4 Dudes.

FoothillsBrewing Company. (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).  Bottle.
            People’s Porter. ABV 5.80%.  IBU 42.  4 Walters.

LefthandBrewing Company. (Longmont, Colorado.)  Bottle.
            Milk Stout Nitro. ABV 6.0%.  IBU 25.  4 Dudes.

Rahrand Sons Brewing.  (Fort Worth, Texas.)  Bottle.
            Iron Thistle. Scottish Style Ale.  ABV 8.5%.  IBU 35.  4 Walters.

MarbleBrewery.  (Alburquerque, New Mexico). Draft.
Marble Red Ale.  ABV 6.5%. 3 Walters.

BlueCorn Brewery. (Santa Fe, New Mexico.) Draft.
End of the Trail Brown Ale.   ABV 5.8%. 3.5 Dudes.

TommyknockerBrewery. (Idaho Spring, Colorado.)  Bottle.
Hop Strike Black India Pale Ale.  ABV 6.5%. IBU 78.  3.5 Walters.

SkaBrewing Company.  (Durango, Colorado.)  Bottle.
            True Blonde Dubbel.  ABV 5.0%. IBU 22.  3.5 Walters.

SteamworksBrewing Company. (Durango, Colorado).  Flight
Steam Engine Lager.  ABV 5.0%.  IBU 22. 3 Donnies.  
Colorado Kolsch.  ABV 4.5%.  IBU 16.1.   3.5 Dudes.  
Anarchy.  Mild English Ale.   2.5 Donnies.
Backside Stout.  ABV 6.4%.  IBU  28. 4.5 Dudes.
Third Eye PA.  ABV 6.2%.  IBU 65.1.   3 Walters
One Whit Wonder (with lemonade). ABV 4.8%. IBU 15.2. 

5 Knightsmamas.
Ale Diablo.  American Blonde Ale.  ABV 8.5%.  
4.5 special lady friend.

Carver’s Brewing Company.  (Durango, Colorado.)  In Pub.
Sasion Limon.  4 Dudes.
Iron Horse Stout. ABV ?.  3 Walters.

Moab Brewery.  (Moab, Utah.) In Pub.
Black Raven Stout.  Oatmeal Stout  ABV 4.0%.  2.5 Walters.

Moab Brewery. (Moab, Utah.) Bottle.
Black Imperial IPA. ABV 8.59%.  3 Walters.

Grand Canyon Brewery.  (Williams, Arizona).  Bottles
Sunset Amber Ale.  A Red Ale. ABV 5.4%.  3 Donnies.
Ruby Red Pale Ale.  American Pale Ale.  ABV 5.0%.  3 Donnies.

Historic Brewery. (Williams, Arizona.) Flight
Hopped Up Pilsner.ABV 4.8%.  IBU 22.  3.5 Walters.
Deer Lord. German Altbier.  ABV 5.0%.  IBU 32.  4 Walters.
Pie Hole.  Cherry Vanilla Porter.  ABV 6.0%. IBU 30.  5 Dudes.
Joy Rye'd.  Rye Pale Ale.  ABV 5.5%. IBU 35. 4 Walters.
Bi-Polar Express.  Herbed Strong Ale.  ABV 6.8%.  IBU 24.  
4 Special Lady Friends.
Wake ‘N Kevin Bacon.  Bacon Coffee Porter.  ABV 6.2%. IBU18.  
4 Bunnies.

Oak Creek Brewery.  (Sedona, Arizona).  Draft.
Nut Brown. ABV 5.5%.  IBU 30.  3 Walters.  

Uinta Brewing Company.  (Salt Lake City, Utah.)  Draft.
Cutthroat Pale Ale.  ABV 4.0%.  IBU 34.   3 Donnies.

Wasatch Brewing Company. (Park City, Utah.)  Bottle.
            Devastator Double Bock.  ABV 8.0%.  4 Walters.

Wasatch Brewing Company.  (Park City, Utah).  Draft.
            First Amendment.  American Lager.  3 Donnies.

LagunitasBrewing Company.  (Petaluma, California.)  Bottle.
Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. Pale Wheat Ale.  ABV 7.0%.  3 Dudes.

LagunitasBrewing Company. (Petaluma, California.)  Draft.
Couch Trippin’ Fusion 19.  American Brown Ale. ABV 5.3.  
4.75 Dudes.

Smog City Brewery. (Torrance, California.)  Draft.  
Groundwork Coffee Porter.  ABV 6.0%.  4 Bunnies.  

Cosmic Brewery.  (Los Angeles.)  Draft.
Hell Hound Brown.  ABV 5.3%.   3.5 Walters.

Lost Coast Brewery.  (Eureka California.)  Bottle.  
Great White Beer.  3 Donnies.
Downtown Brown.  3 Walters.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewery. (Fresno, California.)  Bottle.
            General Sherman IPA.  ABV 7.5%. IBU 63.   2.5 Walters.  .

Snowshoe Brewing Company.  (Arnold, California.)  Bottle.
            Grizzly Brown Ale.    3 Walters.

Main Street Brewery. (Pleasanton, California.)  In pub and flight.
             Pleasanton Pale MSB.  ABV 5.9%.  3 Walters.
             Bikini Bottom Golden Lager.  ABV. 4.9%.  3 Donnies.
             Double Mocha Porter.  ABV 6.8%.  4 Dudes.

Sierra Nevada. (Chico, California.) Draft
             Doubleheaded Ruthless.  ABV 9.7%.  3.5 Walters.

Dogfish Head.  (Milton, Deleware.) Draft (taster)
              Palo Santo Marron.  ABV 12%.  IBU 50. 4.5 Dudes.

Bear Republic Brewing.  (Healdsburg, California.)  Draft (taster)
             Apex Special IPA.  ABV 9.95%.  IBU 100.  3 Bunnies.

Anchor Steam Brewing.  (San Francisco.) Draft.
              Anchor Steam.  ABV 4.9%.  3.5 Walters.

Russian River Brewing. (Santa Rosa, California.)  Flight, but not in brew house.
              Row 2 Hill 56.  Pale Ale.  ABV 5.8%.  3 Walters.
              Supplication.  Sour aged in Pinot Noir barrells.  ABV 7.0%.  
              2.5 Special Lady Friends.
              Pliny the Elder.  Double IPA.  ABV 8.0%.  4 Bunnies.
              Russian River Porter.  ABV 5.75%.  4 Dudes.

“In Pub” means I enjoyed a full serving or more in the pub or taproom where the beer is made.
“Flight” means I enjoyed small tasters of the beer in the pub or taproom where beer is made.
“Draft” means I enjoyed a full draft serving in an establishment other than brew pub or tap room.
“Bottle” means I bought one or more bottles of the beer and enjoyed the beer in a location other than where the beer is brewed.  Most likely, that location is in or around the trailer.

“1”  I did not enjoy it.  I don’t see how anyone else will.
“2”  I could drink it if nothing else were available.
“3”  I enjoyed it.  But there is not much really special about the beer.
“4”  I enjoyed it.  I would look forward to drinking it again.
“5”  I really enjoyed it.  I love this beer.  I will buy some as soon as I see it again, and store away for special occasions.

The Lebowski Scale:
"Nihilists” indicates a beer that someone who doesn’t care about beer will drink.  (1-2)
"Bunnies”  indicates a beer that the brewers are pushing boundaries.   (1-5)
“Special Lady Friends”  indicates a beer with which the brewers are being particularly artful.  (1-5)
“Donnies”  indicates a beer meant for your average Joe or Josephine.  (1-3)
“Walters”  indicates a beer for your inner tough guy beer lover. (3-4)

“Dudes” indicates a beer that the Major Dude (that is me) appreciates.   (3-5)

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