Monday, March 9, 2015

Everything You Could Hope For (And So Much More) On Stage

          On January 28 and 29, 2015, Wednesday and Thursday nights, I performed a one-man show about the year on the road.  Even at an audience testing 105 minutes, with no intermission, there was no way that I could capture the entire year in one performance.  But I think I was able to capture a number of themes that emerged during that year.  These include the great violence that has occurred in this nation and the great, never-ending move toward a more inclusive liberty and freedom. generous response by my friend Vive Griffith.  In addition, I will be editing the video that we took of the two performances and including them in the Recent Video section of this blog's landing page.  Also you can find the video at YouTube.
With Lee
 And the themes include the ways that friends and family, generations and traditions, make us who we are. Thankfully, the two sold out audiences--over 150 people--were gracious and generous in their response to my first foray into live entertainment.  At some point, I will write, I assume, about the process of turning almost 200,000 words of blog posts into 9,000 words spoken at a very rapid pace.  But for now let me point out that the two evenings were everything I could have hoped for.  Linked here is a
          But for now, just let me include some photos and text from the playbill.  Knightsmama wrote the text below,which list most of the people with whom we had fairly substantive interactions.  


Thanks and Appreciations Along the Road

We are members of a community here in Austin who practice something called “radical hospitality.” We were blessed to be on the receiving end of radical hospitality throughout our year of wonder. Without fail, we experienced the kindness of strangers and family and friends from long-ago who welcomed us with opened arms and made our journey immeasurably richer.

For overall support and holding down the front on the homefront:
Mack “Mackdaddy” Waller
Aimee Estep – our own personal postmistress
William Grant & Kati Luedecke – keepers of the books
Charlotte Gullick & Dreux Carpenter – keepers of art and general detritus of our lives
Polly Monear – general wrangler of Lyman’s professional life, even from a distance
Matthew Daude-Laurents – stepping in and stepping up as interim dean in Lyman’s absence
Mike Midgley – for saying, sure, take off a year, we’ll hold your job for you

Kindnesses above measure on the road, in mostly chronological order:

With Terri
Andis Applewhite who loved and cared for Lyman’s old friend Neal Adams. Tim & Danna Grear for their amazing music store, ATV rides, and the tip on Crystal Bridges Museum. Frank Pool for recommending a visit to Cahokia. Sweet group of little girls @ Shawnee SP who painted their phone numbers on rocks for Theo. Carl & Molly Yost & Family for taking time to reconnect and showing us what urban renewal can look like. Half crazy bike repairman near Cuyahoga NP. Ernie & Francis @ Camp Dearborn who have good advice but too many guns to go into Canada. Bevy of teenage girls @ Camp Dearborn who remail Jacob’s texting friends to this day. The Canadians we met – we loved them all (camping neighbors, propane lady and Mr. Poutine in Grand Bend. Not to mention every Tim Horton’s employee we encountered.) The couple from Cape Cod who took one of the only photos of all four of us together on the trip in Acadia NP. Tea Barista in Bar Harbor who let us know what the weather was really like there in the winter. Total strangers who thought we were lost and offered us a place to stay as we posed in front of the Lubec (easternmost town in the contiguous US) Library in the dark of night. Lyman’s new friends from the Kerouac festival who came to see us in Salem. The “Kayak Naked” couple camped next to us at Winter Island Park in Salem – for inspiration. Erich, Kate & Gretta Schliebe of Boston – nothing like family when you’re far from home. Marisa, Elaine & John Orifice from the Yogi Bear Campground in Sturbridge – amazing homemade Italian food and what we hope will be a lifelong friendship. The friends and enemies of Wallace Stevens. Lee, Julie & Jack Hisle formerly of Austin, currently of Mystic, CT – great pizza and reminiscing. Mr. AA in the convenience store parking lot in Newport. 
With MarieLine 
Dave, Ann, Jessie Ann, & Elizabeth Owens – opening their home to us even though the girls were scared we’d be gun-toting, religiously conservative, awkward homeschoolers. Leonard Lamm, Lyman’s undergraduate prof, still teaching about commitment and compassion forty years later. Rhea Sen & dad – fabulous night of cocktails and visiting and talking ESL. Sarmita Tuladhar, ACC workstudy alum, willing to meet us for dinner in Hoboken. Sweet young men in front of Stonewall Inn. The nice ladies at Perry Historical Center in Pennsylvania. Brewmaster at Appalachian Brewery in Gettysburg. The nice homeland security lady who vouched for Lyman and kept him from being arrested. Dot & Steve Carpenter & Family – truly spectactular people who let us crash their family Thanksgiving. Lloyd Doggett’s office for getting us a last minute tour of the Capitol. Rick & Judy Larson & Family – Judy (d. 10-15-14), Colleen’s cousin, shared her last Christmas with us and showed us what true grit, bravery and humor in the face of adversity really looks like. Tara de Cardenas – a bit of Austin’s homeschooling community in Charlottesville. The Grant Schliebe Strossel Pedraza crowd – above and beyond letting a whole crew of us descend on them and invade their homes and holidays. Todd & Meg Hoke – fine spirits, music, and fellowship in Asheville, NC. Rhonda Reger – friend from the A & M days who gave us the inside tour of Knoxville and put us up in luxury. Melissa, Rick & Alex Delaney  held us close and fortified us in Charlotte SC as we prepared to rush back to Texas after learning of Mackdaddy’s stroke. Dreena Tischler for driving all the way to Tyler to sit with us when Mackdaddy was in ICU. All our Austin friends who made time to see us on our brief forays into town while we were sidelined in North Texas. Proprietor of Front Street Books Fort Davis TX.  The French family in Balmorhea traveling in a converted German fire truck. Rudy, Lyman’s birthday twin, who fixed our trailer tire and prayed a blessing on us in Carlsbad on Lyman’s birthday. Ric & Helga Williams – sharing art and stories of healing in Santa Fe. Stephanie & Craig Harris – introducing us to what we predict will be a lifelong love affair with Durango. Friends for an evening or two or three at the Grand Canyon Winery in Williams AZ “Travel Far, Drink Local.” Terry & Traci Nicole – amazing people, full-time Rvers, Best Friend Animal Shelter volunteers – who are now stuck with us as friends forever. Amy Price for recommending a pilgrimage to Joshua Tree Inn to remember Gramm Parsons. Dancing lady at Dockweiler RV park embracing every moment. Francine Taylor,
Dreux, The Major Dude, and W. Joe 
Jeremy & Ryan Davis
– LA tour guides extradornaire; really, who would take your kids to DisneyLand so you could have a date at the Getty?? Nice family at Sequioa campground who let Theo play videogames with their sons and thankfully were not kidnappers. Friends at Yosemite Pines RV in Groveland CA, the Hart and Beardslee families, who welcomed us into their camping traditions and gave us great tips on breweries and  the cheese curd factory. Dane Davis who gave us a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Skywalker Ranch. The rude clerk who in true Beat fashion insulted all women and specifically pissed Colleen off at the Beat Museum. Zara Houshmand offering up teenage-friendly homemade mac n cheese, hospitality, and civilized discourse. The navy veteran (and his patient wife) in the parking lot at Crater Lake for inspiring stories of success and sailing adventures. Lucy Hill for being an overall rock and bringing Mackdaddy to Oregon for Colleen’s graduation. The folks in Ecampus at OSU for putting on a breakfast spread for all the distance learning graduates who made their way all the way to Corvallis for graduation. Rich Perin – ride in the Cadi, erudite conversation and fabulous food at Pok Pok in Portland. Savannah, Bill & Liam Roberson for sharing a wonderful meal on the Columbia River and sticking with us through all these years. Lance & Stacy Peeler who’ve brought a little bit of St. James’ Austin to Astoria OR. The camp host family at Alder Lake Park and the kids there to play football when the boys needed some time with someone their own age. The bartender at Glacier Distilling Company.
The Playbill
Our neighbor outside Glacier for inspirational biking stories and making retirement look good. The hippie commune-type town of Polebridge MT – Lyman could live there!
Denise and Claire Lambert in Missoula for just blending Theo into their family and celebrating July 4th with us. The park rangers at Lincoln SP in ND for not arresting Lyman while sitting in the truck by the visitor center late at night streaming The Walking Dead. The bakery clerk at Ashland Baking Company in WI who recognized our area code and turns out had worked at Green Gate Farms in Austin. Caron Kloser & Family taking time from driving family around to share a meal. The Mustard Museum proprietor for sharing his passion for mustard with the world. Kathryn & Lyn Benson, Kenneth Kidd & Doris Kidd showing us a taste of their new hometown in KC. Traci & Terry take two – willing to let us hunt them down for our last night on the road.