Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Join Us on January 28 or Jan 29

       I have been silent here since we all returned from The Caravan of Wonder.  Mostly it has been getting back to work, getting kids in their schools, simply returning to the way things were before.  A little sad, I suppose.  Knightsmama and I would still like to be on the road.  But someone's got to earn some money, and the boys have their own lives that, I suppose, they are entitled to.

It will be a wild ride.

        The other thing I have have been involved with is trying to turn our one year on the road into a 60-90 minute report/presentation/ performance.  Maybe it is a bit of hubris or narcissism;  maybe I misunderstood all those people who kept saying, "Geez, let's have coffee so you can tell me all about it."  If you are interested, I hope you drop by for "Everything You Could Hope For (And So Much More),  Austin Community College.  Rio Grande Campus, Gallery Theater, January 28 and 29, 7:00.  It's a fund-raiser for the Creative Writing and the Drama Scholarship Funds.