Friday, April 22, 2011

Natives, Nomads, and Migrants

Hello.  This will be the initial blog post.  I will begin simply by stating what the first goal of this blog will be.  Here I will write a series of reviews of books of poetry by Texas writers.  As time goes on, I may branch out on other topics, but the first goal will be to discuss the poetry of Texas writers.  Who are Texas poets and what makes a poet a Texas poet?  This will always be a difficult question to answer.  We humans are mobile animals.  But I will rely on the concept of natives and the distinction between migrants and nomads to guide me.  One is, of course, a Texas poet if one was born here and stayed here.  One can be a Texas poet if one was born here, grew up here, and then moved away.  One can be a Texas poet if one was born outside the state and moved to Texas and stayed here.  But one is not a Texas poet if one has just passed or is passing through on the way to other locals.

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